Scientology got away with murder

Somebody sent the Earthfiles lady, a picture of a hand, claiming it was an Alien’s hand. Turns out, it was the hand of a dead Scientology person.

No idea why the charges were dropped.

The government might have them collect UFOs and stuff, so freedom of information requests won’t work. They picked a shit religion to do their dirty work. Not surprising though. They don’t want all humans to know the truth. That we’ve never been alone.

The good news is, the Aliens might have their own time frame on when all humans get to know. And the government probably isn’t powerful enough to stop them. Seeing as the Aliens can travel huge distances, and go to other frequencies or “dimensions”, they sure can make themselves known to everybody, if they want to.

But why would anybody think humans are the only life? The universe is massive. Also, if that was the case, we would have wiped ourselves out by now. Humans like fighting themselves.

Lots of people will be crying, when they find out Aliens exist. I won’t be. I won’t even be surprised. Why would the universe be massive, and different frequencies exist, if we are the only creation?

Here’s some deaths related to Scientology. Lisa McPherson was her name.

There’s a site for her. Maybe don’t read that site.

Scientology probably likes Trump. They are as crazy as him.

There’s a show on Netflix about them too. So I already knew they were horrible.

But republicans are pro life, shouldn’t they do something about murders?

Those people are fucking mentally incompetent. They basically killed her, and refused to get her actual help.

Just think what America will be like if republicans get their wishes.

Wow a hospital five minutes away, but went to one 45 minutes away. They got away with their stupidity too.

And how can you prescribe medicine without seeing somebody? Apparently that’s fine in Florida, not surprising.

Be careful reading that, it might make you cry. Fucking assholes.