Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

One package came, this one was supposed to come today. Amazon doesn’t want you to get your stuff early, so they wait a day or two before you are supposed to get it, to ship it.

I’ll find out tomorrow, if somebody that doesn’t know what they are doing, can cut their own hair. There is probably a #4 comb thingy. I saw a number two. I didn’t look at all of them. Might be better to use the longest one though. Are the numbers the same as the haircut place? Cause I get three or four.

Need to look at the manual, to see how to remove the blade, and if you need to do anything to rinse it off after using it.

Might be easier to do when your hair is wet, not to mention I might need to comb it, she didn’t say what happens if you don’t comb it. Not sure I want to find out.

It has some charge, but charging it anyways. No idea how much it came charged, probably not 40 minutes of runtime.

Then again, my hair might be wet again, thanks to sweat. You don’t need to be outside for very long, to get all sweaty. And I need to clean my glasses off, as sweat got on em. I did dry it off with my shirt, but that may not have done much good.

I can shave my pubes with it too. What number should I use? Just don’t accidentally shave anything off, that might hurt. Use the longest brush thing for shaving your pubes. That way you can see if your pubes were longer then that.

It says the measurements as well on the comb things, I only know the numbers, three or four.

I plan on making all the hair on my head the same length. If I mess up, I may just go bald. I won’t put much effort into it, I mostly want the bangs out of my eyes. And easier to dry off after a shower, I can’t even fully dry my head off as long as it is.

If you shave your ass, you’ll walk backwards.

That would be a good review for it on Amazon, shave your ass with it, then send it back. Then Amazon sells it to somebody else, and they say “Amazon sold me used clippers, clearly somebody shaved their ass with it and didn’t wash it off and sent it back! They may need to see a doctor, with that much ass hair.”.

Hmm, good idea, post that review, but with five stars. I’m not sending it back. I just want to post a false review. Or I can make it true, after I shave my ass with it, send it back, request Amazon send it back to me, the same one. That’s too much work.

Might have to trim my pubes with it. No idea how you’d trim your pubes with just a razer. Or scissors. You need the comb things. My pubes are more important then the hair on my head.

Hmm, I might have plugged it in wrong, apparently you plug into the clipper first, then the adapter to wall. I don’t recall what I did, probably the opposite, so I might have damaged it. Nice. Guess read the instructions before plugging it in.

The numbers are the same as the barber shop. The longest is #5. I need a #10 for my pubes.

I’d rather pay $60, or a little more after tax, then go to the haircut place. You don’t have to interact with anybody, if you cut your own hair.

Already don’t understand the instructions, reverse the clipper. How the fuck do you reverse the clipper? Well, I think I’ll just fully remove my neck line, and side of my ears. But since I can’t see what I’m doing in some spots, it might look horrible.

And those images of how to hold it are useless, not big enough to see anything. Perhaps going bald is easier.

If I knew what they do for the haircut I get at the place, I could probably do it myself with this. Well, not very well, since I can’t see the back of my head. Either do one length, or remove it all.

I could just shave right down the middle. Without a comb guide.

Why not leave the battery in when it’s useless? You can’t easily replace the battery, you have to cut wires. So maybe recycle the whole thing, the blade might be useless by then anyways.

Oh and you are supposed to discharge it and fully recharge every six months. I’ll need another reminder on my phone for that. And a reminder to do add the reminder. I might only use it every six months. I guess you just place on the counter and let it run the batteries out while it’s on, sounds like a bad idea, it might move and fall off the counter. I don’t know if it’ll take 40 minutes to cut my hair every six months. It takes 30 or so minutes for the haircut place, after a year or longer. But they know what they are doing, and possibly not using one length for all of it.

Soon to have a broken haircut. I’ll tell the ladies I did it myself.

I found the #5 comb guide, it doesn’t have #5 on it though. I think it’s 15mm, mm and I think inches are on it. The manual says that one is the number five. Why didn’t they put the number on all of them?

Think it said to charge for 4-5 hours, but the light isn’t blinking anymore. I’ll unplug it at 10 pm or 11 pm.