pCloud might not be so great

Read the reviews on the app on the App Store. Apparently no refunds if you try the trial and don’t like it. They might say the opposite though, until you email them.

You can pay monthly if you pay using the app.

But, I think I’ll go with Google Drive. At least it’ll work. pCloud’s customer service might suck, so you better hope you have no issues.

And why do you need to use their encryption? Can’t you just encrypt the file using whatever you want, and then upload it? Or does it not upload files it can’t read?

141.1 GB used on Amazon Cloud Drive, so the 200 GB Google Drive is enough for now. I’ll cancel Amazon Cloud Drive soon, and then wait a long time to upload everything to Google. At least Linux can do it. I’ll need to uninstall the Amazon Drive app from my Mac mini. Then I really won’t need the Mac mini. Except for backing my iPhone up. That I don’t seem to do very often.

Hmm, almost enough space on this server, some is being used for backups. Not sure how much is free. All the sites using it too.

What are the requirements on Nextcloud? No dedicated core, so it might suck. Says it only needs 128 MB of RAM.

Seafile could be better, for a cheap server. Nope, it needs 2 GB of RAM, and two cores. That’s worse then Nextcloud. Apparently you are supposed to tune Nextcloud. Don’t think I ever did that. That’s too much work. Easier to pay Google.