Is it any good? It’s $2 per month to park a number, but you get text messaging. No idea about two step verification codes.

If you pay $6 per month, you can forward the number.

The $6 per month plan, might be good for my magicJack number. Except, how much is that? Around $3 per month, I think it’s $40 per year. Perhaps keep that on magicJack then.

Google Voice is free, but they could terminate your account, and then you lose your number. Less likely to happen if you are paying.

You only get 300 minutes, and call forwarding uses it, for $6 per month. Then it’s $0.03/min. And over $20 if you need 700 more minutes. Costs more then their unlimited plan. Just park it, and make a message, saying to call some other number.

Might take 3-10 days to transfer to NumberBarn. I didn’t want to pay US Mobile this month. Access Wireless probably won’t email me till Monday. Probably will end up paying for it again.

I’ll switch it to no data. And also, it has my PayPal Cash card or whatever they call it. The money might not get transferred into my PayPal account fast enough, it says it should be available on the day US Mobile renews itself. So perhaps I’ll lose the number, and won’t need to port it to anything. Thanks PayPal. I put money in PayPal for bills, when I get my money. Didn’t mean to change the renewal date on US Mobile. Thought it was going to change after it expired. They don’t tell you shit, just make you waste money.