Nice, the air filter might be fine in my air purifier

Says to replace every 12 months, but depends on your air. That’s why the light hasn’t come on yet. It’s been off for a while now. Going to vacuum the filter and turn it back on. There might be more dust and crap without it on. Not to mention, recently more buggers in nose.

If it ain’t making noise, it’s probably fine. I’ll still buy another filter soon. Might not replace it right away though. Once a year is better.

So don’t use the app, it says to replace it sooner. They sold me a defective one, so the WiFi disconnects, and requires unplugging to get it back on WiFi. Not worth using WiFi as unplugging it is annoying. Too bad the off button doesn’t fully turn it off.

I was looking at the manual, to see how to change a filter, that is the “digital” part. If you use the app, you can tell it you replaced it. Looks like if the icon isn’t red, you just hold that button down for three seconds or something after replacing it. I downloaded the manual, so I can look it up when I change the filter.

I’d recommend vacuuming it more often, as it was covered in dust. Probably doesn’t work well covered in that much dust. At least every six months I’d recommend vacuuming it. But more like every month would be better. It might say to do it more often then that, like every week. Only one animal here, that is me, not as hairy as Tonka was.