Nice, around 70%, and Steam Deck shutdown because of low battery

After I got it to turn on again, I had to plug it in, I shutdown, booted into bios, and letting it drain again. Somebody said you might need to do two times.

I might email Steam as well, as I might need a replacement, I waited a long ass time, just to get a defective one, nice.

And if I do that, I’ll have to reconfigure it again.

Haha, you need 5 GHz WiFi. It won’t connect to WPA3, not even in desktop mode. My 5 GHz is WPA3, and I’m not changing it.

Why the fuck would that matter? Really Valve? Your software is so shitty, it can’t use 2.4 GHz WiFi without shutting down?

It looks like I didn’t do the calibration right, if it automatically turns on and boots SteamOS you did it wrong, you need the battery completely drained. You need it turned off when charging. So unplug it if it boots, and then wait for it to die, and try again.

See this.

They say the workaround to connect with WPA3 is using desktop mode, didn’t work for me. Probably messed up, by using the thing in the system tray. Even though I fixed it. Maybe I need to delete all WiFi connections, and try again. Well, got to re calibrate the battery first. $400 is expensive? And should work better?

Finally got it to charge without turning on, don’t know how. Kept turning it back off. You know what’s nasty? Wiping Uranus. I might of dropped a shit speck somewhere. Doesn’t appear to be on my hands, so who cares.