Benchmarking The Linux Mitigated Performance For Retbleed: It’s Painful

Looks like the Steam Deck is affected. So that’ll make it a sweet portable gaming PC. My Linux desktop might be fine. It’s Zen 3 5600X.

Laptop is most likely affected as well. The Steam Deck currently runs Wurm Online better. No dual channel RAM on my laptop.

Well, I can probably sell that laptop, since it might be too slow now. How slow though? I haven’t really looked at the benchmarks on that yet.

I should run Geekbench, once the latest kernel isn’t an RC anymore. On my laptop. Not the Steam Deck, I’d have to fiddle with it to do that.

And can you open the Steam Deck with just a screw driver? If so, I should buy a SSD for it. Except I’m too cheap. Micro SD card is good enough for me.