Need a vacuum sealer

I may be making lots of beef jerky soon. But I also need the vacuum sealer for rice and anything else I make. I want to put enough for one meal in each bag.

My rice gets hard fast, in a regular container with a lid. Probably would taste way better vacuum sealed.

I may get a FoodSaver since she had one that worked from them. The around $50 one from Walmart might suck, might not let you attach a hose, for Tupperware.

It’ll cost me over $80. Not getting it till I get more money. I don’t want to spend anymore of my savings.

No new GPU next month, maybe the month after, if I keep enough money in my checking.

Oh and Amazon has super slow shipping now, they wait days to ship it. They really don’t want you to get it early. Take my money, and wait days to ship.

Maybe I’ll buy the vacuum sealer from somebody else. COVID made Amazon slow? It’s a hoax though. I might get monkeypox soon. I need to look that up.

Don’t they have a vaccine for monkeypox? I should get it. I don’t want to go blind. My eye is itchy. Not sure there’s anything actually wrong with my eye, I just itched it wrong or something. And it hasn’t stopped itching since. Maybe I gave myself pink eye. Monkeypox says visual loss.

I could already have monkeypox. Trumpets probably won’t get a monkeypox vaccine. They got to catch everything.

Now to go check eye, to see if it’s red. Don’t think it was very red earlier. Hmm, maybe I did give myself pink eye. I don’t like going to the doctor. Well, only blind in one eye possibly. Then I’ll be psychically disabled.

If my hair gets in my eye, that can make it itch too. The itching can probably make it red.

Haha, change your pillowcases often, I prefer to sleep on dirt.