Mullvad VPN

If you pay for time, using the app, can you use it on anything else? Yes, you can use their site, but in app purchases are easy. And I’m lazy.

If it gives you an account, like on their site, I think you can. Just enter the account number on their site to get the info needed to use it.

Got a weird headache, so I should probably go to bed.

Damn, didn’t need a new account, password manager has the old account number, didn’t realize I saved it. New account is better anyways.

Nice it can block unwanted crap, like Lockdown, you can’t use both at the same time. So I’m not losing my tracker and ad blocking protection. Does Lockdown block ads? I have something else that blocks something, possibly only ads. And images.

Too bad the Xbox can’t use it without something else. I’m too lazy to try using the spare Pi. And a new Pi is probably expensive. If it’s sold out for retail price.