Looks like the Steam Deck supports WireGuard

According to a comment here.

That means if I ever get unlazy, and make a Steam Deck config for my WireGuard, I can connect to my wired network, without poking a ton of holes in the firewall. It’s not hard to make a config, I just have to SSH to the Raspberry Pi. And then copy a config, and change some values, and look up what else to do, cause I can’t recall shit.

I disconnected the VPN on my phone. I realized in bed, I don’t trust a VPN that I don’t own, that is the server and network. Perhaps if I’m that paranoid, I should disconnect from the internet.

Also, what’s stopping somebody from guessing my account number, and using my account? There’s no password. Just an account number. Probably how criminals get free VPN. Or one way. They also install malware and use somebody’s computer for that purpose.

Now to go shit again. Perhaps exercising is a bad idea, it might make you shit more. So your bowels don’t move much if you don’t move?