LiteSpeed Cache killed wp-admin

I know because my other site can actually email me, and the email said LiteSpeed Cache had a problem.

So I deleted the plugin on both sites, and wp-admin works again. Looks like it was updated four hours ago, I reinstalled it.

So if you can’t access wp-admin, and you have LiteSpeed Cache, you need to delete it, and reinstall. That’s assuming the new version isn’t broken too. It didn’t break until today.

Maybe they should test their updates before breaking people’s sites.

The update didn’t fix anything, it was dead today too. Not sure why it takes until the next day to break though. Caching wp-admin? There’s another update, that might actually fix it. I’ll find out tomorrow. If it’s broken tomorrow, I’m going to revert to an old version, and maybe never update it again. So my sites might get hacked, but at least I can login.