If you are wondering, Minecraft works on the Steam Deck

The site that claims you need Windows, doesn’t know what they are talking about, no I didn’t click the link to their site, I knew it was BS as soon as I saw that result, it’s at the top of DuckDuckGo when you search.

The Java version works just fine. Except, it won’t keep you signed in, as the Steam Deck is missing something. Microsoft decided to store it using Gnome Keyring or something, instead of making their own solution.

And signing in by the Microsoft Authenticator app doesn’t work, it doesn’t show the number, so you won’t know what number to tap in the app on your phone.

So if you actually want to play it, you get to type your password every time. I only wanted to see if it actually worked.

Oh and after exiting in Game Mode, I got a spinning Steam logo of death. I just clicked the Steam button, and under power, restarted the Steam client, problem fixed. SteamOS is buggy, probably why it isn’t officially available for everything yet.