I think somebody wants me to buy a GPU

As low as $350 for a AMD RX 6650 XT. And a $10 off that price on Newegg.

I haven’t been doing anything on my desktop that needs a better GPU though.

But it’s a good price. I could transfer money from my savings and buy it. And still probably get a vacuum sealer.

Amazon has slow shipping, so wouldn’t recommend buying from them. It’s not two days from when you order, from when they decide to ship it.

Why am I hungry? I ate a pizza, not a big pizza. But big enough.

I didn’t even buy any snacks, so I shouldn’t be hungry. Oh well, a yogurt it is. Maybe I’ll have some more diarrhea soon.

I’d rather my Steam Deck eventually die from heat then my desktop. If the desktop’s CPU is on powersave almost 24/7, then it might last a long time. The most demanding task it does, is compiling the kernel, with the governor set to performance. No idea how long it would take to compile on powersave.