I probably shouldn’t eat meat

I was just thinking why some pigs are mean. Because they keep getting slaughtered, and then reincarnate. Even without memory, their soul still experienced getting slaughtered.’

And since humans eat too much meat, they slaughter a ton.

The problem is, a bunch of people don’t believe in reincarnation, and possibly that pigs don’t have souls. Seeing as bugs have souls, I disagree.

I’ll probably continue eating meat though. At least beef jerky.

There might be a food shortage soon because of the weather, but global warming is a hoax.

Hmm, why would Aliens go to the effort to wipe us out, if they want this planet? They can just wait, for us to wipe ourselves out. Somebody in the government can probably solve global warming very quickly. But instead they do nothing.

A nuclear war is a possibility too. Then again, the Aliens might not want to wait for us to wipe ourselves out.

What happens when you abuse your planet, you go extinct, too bad money is useless when extinct.