I have an uneven haircut now

I also shaved too much of my side burn off on one side, and too much by my ear on one side. Looks like it might be uneven on the top, I didn’t have glasses on when I did it, so I probably couldn’t tell. And then I’d have hair all over my glasses too.

The back could look horrible, unfortunately I can’t see the back of my head. So go by feel? Well, I can’t seem to feel much back there, so I guess that means it isn’t very long. But with subdued feeling, who knows. The doctor doesn’t care, so neither do I.

Oh and to run it without using it, or holding onto it, just put a comb guide on. Says to run it till it dies and then recharge it. I was hoping I’d use it for 40 minutes, nope, didn’t take that long. I think you are supposed to do that when you get it, and then again every six months.

Oh and I’d recommend dropping the hair on the floor, it’s a real pain to get off the counter and sink. But with a broom it’s easy. Luckily I didn’t get fully dressed, just had my boxers on. I went in the shower, to try and get it off.

I did put a bag in the sink, to try and catch the hair, it didn’t catch it all. You could put newspaper down or something. Probably not good for that much hair to go down the drain, so wouldn’t recommend doing it in the shower. Unless you have a hair catcher. No mirror in my shower, so who knows what it would look like.

It’s not as short as when my sister did it.

No bangs so I can see, therefore I’m satisfied. Better then going to the haircut place. Well, I messed up on the bangs too.

So yes, an idiot that doesn’t know how to cut hair, can do so. If you want a different length in different spots, well good luck. Would the battery die already? It’s kind of loud. So it took less then 20 minutes. Maybe only ten minutes, so in ten minutes it might be dead.

I found the fuzzy spot I can see in the mirror with my hands finally. On my neck. Should probably shave that off, but I’m lazy. Also, I already tried, and failed. Might only be on one side that I did that. Might be easier without the comb guide to get rid of it.

Hmm, only took five minutes? Or I forgot what time I turned it on.