Have to reinstall SteamOS on my Steam Deck

Looks like that might fix it, without using 5 GHz WiFi. If I try to connect to my 5 GHz WiFi in desktop mode, it won’t connect. It’s using WPA3, an nmcli says no reason given for not connecting.

I think it is a WiFi problem, considering how quickly it shutdown. It was downloading something, and shutdown almost instantly. Also the battery health is 100%.

So the manufacture can’t install it correctly? Or the updates don’t install correctly? Well, they should fix it.

Somebody got a replacement, and that fixed it too. So it’s possible the install was bad.

Maybe 5 GHz will work after reinstalling too. Says it’ll try to keep some of your stuff. No idea if it’ll keep everything. Better then sending it back. Now if that doesn’t fix it, I might have to send it back. I’m not changing the security on my 5 GHz WiFi, so the Steam Deck can connect. All my other stuff connects no problem. The 2.4 GHz is for stuff that can’t do 5 GHz and probably not WPA3.

It’s still downloading, I have slow internet. Also it’s downloading the latest Manjaro ISO, since I’m using that flash drive, and will need Manjaro back on it after I’m done.

Etcher is flashing the image to the flash drive. I should buy another flash drive. They probably had some on sale, probably not anymore. Probably slow because it’s in a bz file. Perhaps I should change the CPU to performance.

That might have made it faster, but not as fast as a non compressed file. Guess I should have extracted it, and used the img file directly.

Slowly booting from USB. And it’s reinstalling. Might have to re enter WiFi passwords. What about Flatpak stuff? WiFi passwords gone. Everything else might be there though. I did it on battery, so probably not a hardware defect, as it would have shutdown while reinstalling. There’s the bug with no trackpad working in desktop mode. Was seeing if Flatpaks are still there. Looks like they are. No WiFi no trackpad I guess. Steam needs to be running, click in offline mode, and trackpad starts working. I did go back to Gaming Mode and back, but the problem was still there. Now I need my Bluetooth keyboard.

WPA3 still doesn’t work. Let’s see if it shuts down like before. It’s on 2.4 GHz. I’ll check on it after my video appointment. Yes Manjaro is back on the flash drive.