Geekbench thinks my Steam Deck has a Intel Pentium II/III

See the benchmark.

The multi-core score is better then my laptop, on battery, both scores are better then the laptop. The GPU is better, as the Steam Deck might have dual channel RAM.

Does the Steam Deck perform better plugged in? I also didn't run it with gamemoderun. If so, it probably has a better single-core score then the laptop when plugged in. The laptop is around 900 for the single-core score plugged in, and the Deck is around 800 on battery. The laptop is around 500 on battery.

The Deck doesn't need to score much more, to be better then the laptop plugged in.

I should probably sell the laptop, but I'd have to put Windows back on it, since everybody loves Windows. Use the money to buy a portable monitor or display, whatever you want to call it. Does the Deck do HDMI with an adapter? Maybe somebody will make a laptop shell for the deck. With a keyboard and trackpad. And then my Deck will be happy.