Does Vizio test their firmware?

Before making people’s TVs update itself? You don’t want Vizio if you want working eARC. Seemed to be working mostly fine, but again today, I had to toggle eARC off and on, to get Dolby Atmos to be selectable on the Xbox Series S.

There might have been another TV update yesterday. No idea if there’s another update for the soundbar. Looks like the TV is the one with the problem now.

Maybe the update messes the eARC setting up, so you have to toggle it to get it back on. Perhaps I should unplug the Ethernet cable from it, and get no more updates.

Too bad I didn’t know eARC sucked on Vizio before buying this TV and soundbar. I would have bought a different TV possibly. The Vizio might be the cheapest Dolby Atmos soundbar though. Would be funny if it works great with non Vizio TVs.

Eh, they’ll probably release an update that bricks it, and it’s probably out of warranty. New non Vizio TV for me, if that happens. I might try Hisense next time. Not sure they make a 58″ TV though, that’s the only size I want. Don’t think a bigger one will fit on the table it’s on. Might be the biggest that’ll fit. And I don’t need bigger then that in a tiny apartment. Might have to settle for 55″. Insignia might have a 58 incher. Some of those might use Samhung panels.