Comcast went out when I was gone

Might be the shitty modem/router they force me to use. It’s in bridge mode obviously. Need a power plug for it, that cuts power to it when it detects no internet. Not constantly though. Just once an hour until it works again.

Or if it can ping don’t cut the power anymore. But it takes a long ass time before you can access the web interface, not sure about ping.

No idea why Channels DVR resumed recording, it didn’t record a ton. Good thing it should be saved on Philo, that’s my backup. No easy commercial skipping though on Philo, not hard, just no button that auto skips the commercials.

Might need to clean this water bottle. That drink might have tasted like eggs. I’ll pass. Too lazy to clean it.

So shitty, it can’t reconnect without unplugging it and back in. That’s Comcast for you.