BuyVM might not be a great solution for Nextcloud

Apparently some people or one person, lost their data from using BuyVM’s block storage.

And if you are poor, good luck finding anything for the same price. That is actually better.

You might be better off paying Google, since Amazon is getting rid of Cloud Drive.

Or better, have no online backup. That’s even cheaper. Not like I take pictures anymore anyways.

You should back the block storage up. But I don’t want to pay for three slabs. Also, if they are on the same server, that would be kind of pointless. You might actually want an off site backup. I cancelled the backup provider I had. It was super slow, but might be BuyVM’s problem. So their network might suck too much for off site backups.

So hope for the best, and don’t back it up.

A water/fire proof safe, and a drive, would work for another backup. But I’m lazy, so that backup will be very outdated. I suppose I could put a reminder on my phone.

If you ever take any photos, that won’t help with sharing them.