Beef jerky is done

The outside seems to be too dry. When you bend it, you can see white strands. Which something I read, says white strands means it’s done.

Only did it for six hours, on the max temperature the machine does, 165F I think.

Either dried out too much because not very much meat, or the pieces are too thin. Except, I’ve used this meat with the old machine that appears to be lost. But I think I had two pounds of it.

The seasoning is too strong, the recipe was for two pounds of meat, and no I don’t know math, so I can’t figure out how much is half of anything. Might be a little spicy.

At least it’s done. I’ll get two pounds of meat next time. Might have to cut it myself, or maybe she can or Jeff can, I have a knife and cutting board thing to do it. It lets you cut them all the same thickness. Without guessing.

One review for my food dehydrator said you need to rotate from front to back or something. Don’t think they said what they are dehydrating though. And if that’s the case, I’d think the pieces in the back would be more done, the piece I tested was in the front, I didn’t remove the tray to get it out. So I’m not sure you need to do that.

The jerky is sandwiched between paper towels, to suck up fat, there’s some cranberries sitting on the top paper towel, to push down on it. Took a couple tried to get that cranberry bag to stay on it. Not exactly flat.

I’m too lazy to eat the cranberries, too lazy to throw them out either.

I forgot three pieces in the machine. Was taking trays out to put in dishwasher, and noticed them. Those three pieces didn’t get the fat sucked out of em, oh well.

Best jerky I’ve had in a long time. I must only like this recipe. I got one piece that didn’t have too much seasoning on it. If you don’t like beef jerky, try that recipe. You might like it. It could also be the meat I used, that I like better then whatever his friend used. But I do like the seasoning.

Oh and be warned, if you try that recipe, you won’t like any other beef jerky. So you’ll have to make it yourself from then on. Or find somebody to make it that will use that recipe.