Another male orgasm recorded?

At 2:54 AM. Can’t share the audio, as I don’t have a clue who made the noises.

Who’s having sex at 2:54 AM?

If I was dreaming about sex, it could have been me, and I could share the audio. But I have no proof of who made the noise.

Also, it might not be an orgasm sound, I don’t know what it is.

Maybe an Alien was taking a sperm sample from me. They clean up nicely, as they left no evidence of doing so. Enjoy your crazy human hybrid.

I thought I was crying in bed, but I don’t think any crying was recorded. At least not around the time I thought it was, I woke up enough to look at my watch. Could be in one of the snoring recordings, but I’m too lazy to listen to all of those.

I could complain about that. I got woke up by people having gay sex once, I was pissed when I woke up. Never happened again, I think they got complaints. Not from me. At least, if something like that wakes me up again, I might have evidence.

Hmm, maybe it is me, as I didn’t wake up pissed. Didn’t know I could make any orgasm sounds though.