Access Wireless not recommended

Hello, Thank you for contacting us. You may contact a live agent by phone during our business hours Monday-Friday: 10am-Midnight EST, Saturday 10am-Midnight EST and Sunday 10am – 7pm EST at one of the following numbers:

New Customers: 1-888-900-5899
Existing Customers: 1-866-594-3644

That’s their response to asking the status of my port. Yet, in one email, they said I could email them the info. They didn’t respond to one email, so they just sent that today, hoping I wouldn’t bother them anymore.

So I sent the below to the above:

Go ahead and cancel my port. I can see why this service is free.

Don’t recommend any Lifeline service, they most likely all have shit support. Almost as bad as the scammer, they didn’t actually respond to email at all, the reason they are a scammer, took my money, and gave me nothing.

I risk losing the number now, US Mobile had issues billing me, the message they got makes no sense, but there isn’t around $11 in it, if that’s what they tried charging me. I changed it to snooze. Now it’s not in the pool, since I guess a snoozed pool costs full price.

Might try porting it to T-Mobile, hopefully before Access Wireless does anything. Cause I’m not using Access Wireless. Might as well pay $10 or so a month.

PayPal said the money would be transferred today, nope.

T-Mobile Prepaid is a pain though, you can’t use the email you want, if it has an account. So I’m going to Contact US Mobile, and ask them to change the PIN. That way, Access Mobile can’t port the number.

Bad news, the number was ported. Now I have to ask for my account number and PIN to port it back. I might do nothing, as I’m lazy. I might lose the number someday though. Like if I get a rich gf, and need to change my cell service. She can call them for me.

US Mobile released the number. Why can’t Access Wireless tell you anything over email?

Good news, I can just have somebody else call Access Wireless for me, if I need to port the number. If I get an insane gf, that gets SSI, only one of us can have Lifeline. And since I like 5G, I’ll pay for my service. No 5G on Access Wireless.

That could have been an automated response though. So their email isn’t available during business hours? I shouldn’t have replied to it, or at least not what I replied. They might terminate my service, and there goes my number.

Probably not automated. Never got that email before. One email they didn’t even respond to. Didn’t get anything after sending the last email either.

No idea why they didn’t want to respond saying if the way I tried porting works or not. How hard is it to say yes or no?

Looks like their email system might be busted, if you look at the previous emails you’ve sent them in their reply, it’s missing some. There might be a massive delay in emailing them.

Still don’t know why they said to contact a live agent. I should send another email, saying to discard the emails. As it ported.

Don’t bother emailing Access Wireless, their email sucks ass. Some emails might not even be sending to them. Do they have some kind of chat on their site? That would be better then their email, possibly. Doesn’t look like they have a chat.