You can skip logging into an Apple ID on an iPad?

And they gave me a good idea, use a USB Ethernet adapter, to get past the WiFi thing. I’m too lazy to type WiFi password in. Also, it needs private address disabled.

I knew USB Ethernet adapters work on it, I just didn’t think of doing that. After the setup screen is gone, just unplug the adapter. Now you got an offline iPad. That you need internet to start using it, pretty lame. Phoning home. No apps needed on it. I just want to see if a spirit uses it, instead of just waking it up. Or if it wakes up at all.

I got to shit though, before I do that. And I might wait until tomorrow. See if it wakes up over night tonight. It didn’t yesterday. So, I might be wasting my time.

Might only be one free Ethernet port on the Ethernet switch, and might not be configured. Would probably have to unplug the Mac mini and use that cable.