Xbox Series S white screen

Well, the entire TV isn’t white, so you could say “white box”. If I go to the capture settings, I’m not allowed to view them, it just shows a white screen/box.

From the looks of it, it’s probably failing to show the login screen. Apparently you can fix it by removing your account and readding it.

But if I don’t do that, it might stay broken forever, and I won’t be able to buy anymore games. That’s good news for my wallet.

Thanks Microsoft, for your shitty software. Should have bought a PS5, too bad it was sold out, and still is.

You’d have better luck buying games in Linux. If you have a shitty GPU like me, it’s not really worth buying games for the computer. You get a performance hit for using Linux. Wurm Online stutters, but I think it’s a game problem. The GPU should handle that game fine.