Wurm Online in Ubuntu Podman doesn’t fix stuttering either

Either my GPU has a problem, or the game just sucks. Thought it might have been fixed, but then it dropped to 38 FPS and stuttered. FreeSync isn’t fixing the stuttering. Perhaps 38 FPS isn’t in it’s range.

podman run --interactive --tty --name wurm_online --volume /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix \
--env DISPLAY --device /dev/dri --device /dev/snd --device /dev/input \
--volume /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro --volume /media/fast_games/wurm:/mnt/wurm --volume /media/fast_games/wurm-launcher:/mnt/wurm-launcher ubuntu:latest

That’s what I ran after pulling the Ubuntu image. Oh and you can’t change the config after you create it, so if you use the wrong volumes, or don’t add volumes, you’ll need to run “podman rm wurm_online” and start over.

I installed the dependencies one by one, until it needed a video driver, since I didn’t want to install crap all night, I installed “ubuntu-desktop”. And that might be all you need to install to begin with. You will probably get crap you don’t want or need though.

podman start wurm_online
podman exec --interactive --tty --user $(whoami) --workdir /mnt/wurm-launcher/ wurm_online /mnt/wurm-launcher/WurmLauncher $1
podman stop wurm_online

If you put that in a shell file, you can run it from Lutris, so you get GameMode, and disable compositing.

I’ll probably rm the container, since it didn’t fix anything, and is wasting space.

Does the game stutter for Windows users too? If so, no idea why anybody still plays it.

Oh and podman volume is useless, doesn’t show anything. If you try searching for how to add a volume to an existing container in Podman, enjoy finding no answers. Pretty shitty design, that you can never change it’s config. There is a file you can possibly edit, but it will regenerate and overwrite the file, or at least it used to.

I was getting pissed with Podman, since you can’t change the config. As far as I know, deleting it and starting over, is the only option. I’m not searching anymore.

The folder is only 2.7 GB, maybe I’ll keep the container just in case I need it. You probably can’t change the name though either. You can clone it, and change the name, you still can’t change anything else though.

Perhaps I’ll switch to Fedora Silverblue someday. And put everything in Flatpaks and Podman. Would be funny, if the stuttering went away, then I know Manjaro has issues.

If you get a permission denied error, you’ll need to exec with root, and run “chown -R user:user *” in the /mnt folder. And if you try running it not in Podman, you might need to change the permissions again. No idea why it worked yesterday, without doing that.

Oh wait, probably because it didn’t need to download anything.