Why do I have to occasionally rotate my antennas?

Aren’t the broadcasting towers stationary? Finally got Fox to green for signal quality. The cartoon had some issues last night, not sure why only one cartoon is on, and two new episodes were yesterday, and I think the week before.

Channel 4 wasn’t coming in at all. Everything is green for it now. I don’t watch Fake News aka Fox News, if I watch the news, it’s usually channel 4. But I don’t generally watch the news at home anymore.

When you first tune into Fox, the signal quality is yellow. Then it goes to 70% or a little more, and is green. And it just dropped to 69%, then went back up.

Not sure I really need an antenna combiner. Might work better without it. Now it’s yellow again. And not going back up. Not even sure which antenna to move. Seems like you have to move both. So what’s the point in combining em? If you can’t have one pointed the opposite direction? That way you get channels that are coming in both directions.

Perhaps buy an antenna that gets signals in all directions, wherever you put it.

Well, it works, but channel 4 is yellow for signal quality now. Oh it was just green. Well that channel appears to work as well, just men in tights playing basketball, not my thing.

What happens if you plug an antenna combiner into a RF spectrum analyzer? Might just see what the HDHomeRun is getting. Need to see if cell signals are interfering. It would be cheaper to buy the cell signal filter thing though. But there might be no returns on em, if it doesn’t change anything. And you can possibly see what direction a WiFi cracker is coming from with it as well. If you buy the one for over ten grand, it can put them on a map for you.

Perhaps I should have reported the WiFi cracker to the police, they might have a spectrum analyzer. Don’t think they really care though, if somebody hacks your WiFi, breaks the law, you get in trouble, not them. Apparently somebody was downloading music illegally, got sued, and they made the person’s who’s WiFi got hacked pay for it. If you showed them your devices, and the music isn’t present, they’d say you deleted it, so you’d still have to pay.

Perhaps have no WiFi in that case.