Wasn’t expecting that

The firmware for my Vizio M51ax-J6 soundbar, did something to the volume, I can hear stuff I couldn’t before, in The Elder Scrolls Online. Can’t seem to get it the same volume level it was before, either less or more.

Oh and it might have fixed the audio delay from the Xbox Series S over eARC. No passthrough is enabled.

Not sure if the Apple TV had a delay, it’s plugged directly into the soundbar.

That’s a nice firmware update. Well, I don’t know which one improved the volume. I don’t know how many updates since the firmware it had has come out.

No issues with Dolby Atmos yet, at least not with the Xbox not having it selected, and not showing up. I won’t know for a while if it’s fixed. Seemed like the new HDMI cable fixed it, but didn’t.

The audio might have cut out a little in The Elder Scrolls Online. But the Xbox is buggy Microsoft shit, so might be the Xbox.