Took a laxative

It’ll be surprising if I get diarrhea. Haven’t been shitting as much as I was before the weekend. Don’t think I’m really eating that much less either.

I went two times today, but it should have all came out the first time.

How long till I shit again? Maybe by or at 3 PM. If I don’t have a bowel movement, that won’t be good. Can’t imagine a bowel blockage, as nothing would come out. And I’d probably be puking. I felt sick to my stomach last night. Constipation might make you puke or feel sick to your stomach too. If it’s bad enough.

One dump at 3:20 PM, but barely anything came out, probably not from the laxative. Just took another dump, it was bigger. Maybe I’ll be going some more tonight. You should get diarrhea if you aren’t constipated and you take a laxative.

Perhaps I need a stronger laxative. I might shit myself though.