The only dog I’ve met that didn’t like me very much

Was Ruby. But that’s because she didn’t have a lot of interaction with people most of her life. She was put on a farm, and they thought she’d figure it out herself. Might have been other dogs on the farm. But nobody taught her not to chase chickens. The other dogs probably didn’t tell her one way or the other.

And some dogs require interaction with humans, or they get messed up.

Even the little dog I had, liked me. We should have given him to my mom’s hairdresser right away, or I should have kept him. But I wasn’t in a good state.

No worries, I won’t get a dog again. I don’t want to adopt another Ruby.

Tonka wouldn’t have been a good farm dog, she’d just lay down and sleep. That’s my kind of dog. You’d think a cat would be perfect for me, they tend to lay around. If the cat is as big as Tonka perhaps. But they’d eat me.

Just watch the episode of Expedition X, the Ozark Howler. The most likely creature is a bobcat, that’s making the noise. A bobcat would probably eat me. They found lots of evidence of bobcats. I don’t recall much though. Just that the most likely creature is a bobcat. Until you have real video evidence of a creature making that noise that isn’t a bobcat, it’s a bobcat.

I personally wouldn’t want to be on Expedition X. I might get eaten by a bobcat.

Oh and there was a dog in the hallway, barking their head off at me I think. A little dog. I had my earbuds in my ear, so could barely hear them. Thought they were in the apartment, then I saw them in her bag. The people that booked it after setting the fire alarms off, appear to be gone.

I don’t think the noise cancelling or whatever is good enough though. I want to not hear anything at all, even with the music not very loud. So if they ask me the number in the elevator, I don’t want to be able to hear them..

Hmm, they might not have been barking in the elevator. So perhaps not at me then. Maybe for being in a bag.