The Olympus WS-852 might be the best voice recorder for $40

Not sure any better models by Olympus/OM Digital Solutions are made anymore. Cause I’d pay $100 for a better made one, that is not lightweight cheap plastic. Maybe made out of metal.

But for $100, I’d also want a backlight that can be turned on and off. Super hard to see the screen, at least in my apartment.

And I’d want higher then 128 kb/s, not that I need it, just nice to have.

Would E Ink work better? If it was E Ink, I’d think I could read the screen easier, like my Kindle. That would be a small E Ink display.

Ok, maybe make the price $200, I’d still buy it.

The refresh rate would suck on E Ink though. I think that’s why it seems so slow at navigating the Kindle. The display is slow. Still, it probably wouldn’t use much power.

I use it for entertainment, nothing serious, I keep listening to Sitting On The Crapper. Now I don’t have to sing it over and over again.

Oh wait, now I can sing along to myself! Sweet! Yes, my neighbors love me.

If you don’t mind gambling, you can get a cheaper recorder on Amazon, from a no name brand. They can record in WAV files, and higher then 128 kb/s. I don’t like gambling, so I’m fine with paying $40 for this one.

One of them, a review says, you lose most of the recording if it dies, not on this one. There’s another cheap one, that claims it can auto save when the battery gets low. Not sure how the voice activated recording works on that one though.