The backup drive on Raspberry Pi is spinning down

NFS is the problem. I was connected by SSH, ran ls on the same folder, and opened it in Dolphin, and no delay on the Pi itself by SSH, just Dolphin.

Not to mention, I never hear the drive make noise like it’s spinning up. Might need to look at my NFS mount options. Possibly change em. I disconnected by SSH though, too lazy to log back in. Pasting the password after running “sudo su -” is a pain. I use a key to login, but that isn’t root.

That’s good to know, not sure I really care enough to do anything about it. The odd thing, is the other NFS share doesn’t have that delay. Pretty sure they have almost the same mount options, the backup is read only. Why would read only cause a delay?

I did disable standby on the drive, and then autosuspend for USB, using a kernel boot option. I could probably remove that boot option. But if it kicks on, it might shut off the fan that it needs.

I was wrong, tried listing the directory over SSH, and it took a while to do anything. One thing I read to disable power saving, doesn’t work, it gets an error, probably the HD dock. Or the drive doesn’t have that. No idea what else to do, to get it to not do whatever it’s doing. I guess I could make a script write a file to it every so often.

Or buy a different dock or enclosure.

And I looked the drive up, doesn’t even support some power management features. The -Z option in hdparm gets an error.

So perhaps the dock doesn’t like 6 TB drives. The dock might have it’s own power management crap.

Yup, looks like the dock is spinning down after 10 minutes. The only workaround might be a file, that cron touches every five or ten minutes.

How do I run that update utility in Linux? It’s an exe file, but disables the ten minute sleep. Good luck, I doubt it works in Wine. I’ll just make cron fix it. A very crappy fix, but oh well.

*/5 * * * * touch /media/backup/.wake >/dev/null 2>&1

That should fix it, without using Windows to update or change the firmware.