Stuff came

Lots of stuff, even the chair. If we can’t put the chair together, it’ll have to wait until Jeff gets home. She might also be too tired to do it, she’s still sick. I don’t think I can do it by myself.

It’s still at her house, probably too heavy for her to pick up. We might even need the dolly, to move it, either to the garage or upstairs. Probably can’t put it together by the door, assuming that’s where it is.

The NAS drive came, it’s currently copying data to it. A solar panel for my Power Station came, not much sun outside, so I won’t be seeing if it works. Who knows when I’ll see if it works. Since the Power Station isn’t water proof, if it’s raining, I can’t bring it outside.

The micro SD card is currently being tested, f3write finished, it wrote the data around 30 MB/s. It’s a SAMSUNG PRO Endurance micro SD card. I should have bought one for the security camera too, in case the drive has an issue, or computer turns off. You can set a destination as an emergency destination, so if the NFS share isn’t working, it can save to micro SD card.

And the f3read is done, around 90 MB/s for the read speed.

Maybe apt won’t be super slow on the Raspberry Pi soon. Have to wait for the data to be copied to the backup drive, then I have to backup the micro SD card, and restore it to the new card.

And there’s a storm outside, perhaps copying data to the backup drive isn’t such a good idea right now.

Oh and I’d rather use a Samhung micro SD card then SanDick. A bunch of people worship SanDick, and says they are the best. Then one of my SanDick flash drives died. I think it gets corrupted if you use it. Might not have it anymore.

I was making sure the new card isn’t fake. In Linux you use f3write and f3read, first write, then read. I use a Kingston card reader USB 3.0. Not sure the exact card reader, it’s made by Kingston though. I have a SSD from Kingston, but it was cheap, possibly only $30. It can get slow if you fill it up. That’s too be expected for a $30 SSD. It probably won’t get very full, it just has my music on it, and some security camera videos. So I can play music from my iPad, if the power is out. I don’t buy iPads with more space, so it might not have enough space for all my music. Since I need to walk soon, I should copy the music I listen to the most to my phone. I got a lot of weight to lose.

Now to go make some Republicans. Mostly farts. False alarm again. Think same thing happened last night. Them dirty republicans don’t wanna come out! They finally came out, flushed em down the crapper, with the rest of em.

Hmm, it might not be done backing up the drive for a while. Might not be able to switch the micro SD card until tomorrow.

Formatted the micro SD again, needed two partitions. The backup isn’t the entire card, just the in use data. The boot partition, is the entire partition. Backing up the entire micro SD card took a long time. So it’s using dump I think it’s called.

Going to stop rsync, and redo it, after I change the micro SD card. So I don’t have to do it tomorrow. Not really redoing it, just resuming it.