Secure Dragon, not great for offsite backup

One site isn’t being backed up. From the log, last time it tried, it looks like it got a connection refused error. So what Secure Dragon crapped out after the first three sites got uploaded? Or Actually don’t know if that is the last site it tried backing up, or the first, or the second.

I don’t think I can change the time it backs up either. Not with CyberPanel.

I think I had to change the time my backup ran before as well. When I wasn’t using CyberPanel. Might have to use some other backup method, and do it at 7 AM. It claims to be doing it at 7 AM, but it’s 1 AM or 12 AM server time and my time. Changing the server time, didn’t change CyberPanel, it still has the wrong time.

On their forum, they said to change the root cronjob. So you can change it, just not in CyberPanel itself.

And the backup should run at 7 AM now.

Oh and I changed the timezone for CyberPanel. Edit /usr/local/CyberCP/CyberCP/ Change “TIME_ZONE = ‘UTC’” to the correct timezone, I used “US/Pacific”. The instructions on their forum doesn’t say what to use for the timezone string. I searched for “python timezone”, and saw for the zone they used, they used “US/Central” or something. Then using a Python shell I tested it. The site I found uses pytz.

Without them telling you what timezone strings are accepted, it may take a lot of edits to figure it out, unless you lookup “python timezone”. Probably just “Pacific” doesn’t work, “PST” probably doesn’t work, “UTC-8” probably doesn’t work, assuming that’s the right UTC for Pacific.

Nobody said their instructions didn’t work though, perhaps they just gave up after entering their timezone and it didn’t work. Unless it converts PST or whatever to the correct one.