Rebooting the Xbox Series S actually fixed the audio

There was no sound on the Xbox, when set to Dolby Atmos. Instead of messing with the TV, I decided to see if rebooting would fix it. Thanks to the new HDMI cable, that actually fixed it.

Except, there was no picture after it rebooted. I have to change inputs on the TV and back. But when I did, Dolby Atmos was working.

It’s possible the Xbox needs to be turned on after the TV is on. The remote just sends a power on signal in order, doesn’t know if it’s actually turned on or not. I think you can set a delay, but that might be super annoying, to have to point the remote for 10 seconds, or however long it takes the TV to turn on.

Either way, the Xbox Series S doesn’t like Vizio TVs. And since Vizio is a name brand, I wouldn’t expect a cheaper brand to fix it. And the most expensive name brand I’ll buy is Vizio. So if I have to replace my TV, it won’t be a Vizio. Unless it lasts 10+ years. If it dies, before I think it should, I won’t want another one. Hmm, in 10+ years, money probably won’t be useful anymore. Perhaps everything will be free.

With the old HDMI cable, rebooting didn’t fix anything. Perhaps it would if Dolby Atmos still showed up and I rebooted, but if no Dolby Atmos is selectable, it didn’t fix it. Usually Dolby Atmos isn’t selectable. And I have to toggle eARC off and on. So if that happens, it’ll be interesting if rebooting fixes it or not.

Perhaps that won’t happen, since it has a new cable.