Philips LTE Filter for TV Antenna

Nice, that might have actually fixed my OTA problem, the symbol quality on my HDHomeRun, didn’t like staying 100%. It would jump up and down, I think down to 0%. I paid almost $9 for it. Don’t buy the expensive one for $20 or so.

If it didn’t do anything, I’d keep it. Not worth the trouble of sending it back if you can. I think the $20 or so one, you can’t send back.

I live close to cell towers, under a mile away. I’ll find out tomorrow, when it records OTA, if it solved the annoying glitches in the recording. It might.

I didn’t have high hopes for it. Don’t know enough to know if I have cell interference, other then being close to cell towers. Don’t know the distance from the TV towers.

But if it fixes the annoying glitches, it was well worth the money.

If you live close to cell towers, and your OTA, has annoying glitches, try one. If you don’t have a HDHomeRun, it might be hard to know the symbol quality. I use hdhomerun_config_gui.