Perhaps CyberPanel doesn’t result in fast WordPress hosting

Hard to believe it’s a RAM issue, usually says around 50% used. A site speed tester, said once it took over a second to load the site.

What’s the point in using OpenLiteSpeed if it takes that long? NGINX is probably faster. So perhaps I should change the OS to something I like, and configure it without a control panel. But I’m lazy.

Is there really no way to speed WordPress up? It’s not even using all the RAM.

Or is it because of the block storage? Didn’t test before moving /home to block storage.

Over 800ms to load the homepage, without being logged in, was over a second when I was logged in. That is with holding shift down.

Changing to the default theme, didn’t improve it much. I suspect it might be Jetpack. Reenabled it, didn’t improve much with it disabled.

Sorry about the slow site, apparently CyberPanel isn’t as great as they claim. Glad I don’t pay for LiteSpeed.

And since not all the RAM is being used, and a low load, it probably isn’t the VPS. Might be bots though.