PC and Racing Ergonomic Gaming Chair from Wayfair

Took my cheap ass chair home today, she put it together. Well my sister helped her.

It’s cheap, if you look at it compared to my broken chair. Too bad the business who made my broken chair is out of business, as it would have been worth $100 to fix it.

This chair is lighter then the old one, which would indicate cheapness.

Maybe it’ll last two years or longer. The old chair is in the kitchen. It would be a pain to put it in my bedroom, there’s a box in the way. Lifting it is probably harder then the new chair.

She wasn’t even sure if I’d fit in the chair. Well I do. It’s higher then the busted chair. The busted chair won’t stay up, it goes all the way down when you sit down.

So there’s one plus to it. They claim the weight limit is 280.

She said she wouldn’t recline very much. No idea why not. Either way, it’s locked, so I can’t. I could unlock it. But considering it’s lighter, it might break.

I should have bought one from Office Depot for $220 or so, maybe it wouldn’t be as light, therefore not as cheap. The ones from Office Depot cost $300 now, so I won’t be buying one. Taking this apart to send it back isn’t worth it anyways. Somebody said it broke after three weeks. Let’s see how bad my luck is.

Here’s a picture of it. Don’t ask me what the aperture was, might have gotten changed, a manual lens, thought it was 4, or close to around 4.

I also took pictures of some screens, and stuff with glass, or that looks like glass. Does the toaster oven combo have glass? Probably. Supposedly you can see spirits in glass. I don’t think I got any photos that show much.

And a 35mm lens is a pain, I had backup all the way to the kitchen sink, or almost. I could use a different lens, but I’m too lazy to change the lens. Also, that’s a bargain lens, it easily became one of my favorite lenses.

Didn’t get the entire TV in the frame, even going behind the recliner. If I angled the camera right, I might have gotten it.