OpenLiteSpeed bio_fd_read: Read error: (11) Resource temporarily unavailable

Is that the cause of the big delay? I enabled the debug log last night, and that was in it. Disabled it last night, as it said it can fill up your space.

When searching for that, you won’t really find the answer. Might be related to PHP, and how many processes it can have. But none of the results, seem to say anything about OpenLiteSpeed.

And it’s only PHP, if it’s not loading from cache. There’s only two PHP processes right now, for this site.

Changed the PHP tuning values back to the default CyberPanel values. The OpenLiteSpeed forum says for 1 GB of RAM, to use the default. Not sure if the tuning for PHP for each site should be CyberPanel’s values, or the server’s. I just used the CyberPanel defaults.

Looks like the problem might be the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. Says to set it to crawl, so it doesn’t have to regenerate the cache possibly, when somebody loads it.

So I guess for the slow logging in, you need to disable the cache. So what’s the point in using OpenLiteSpeed?