Olympus WS-852 killed my micro SD card

The batteries might have gotten too low, and it turned off. But the card seems to be read only now. I kept formatting it, then noticed in gparted, I can’t actually delete the partition, it kept returning.

With it inserted into the voice recorder, it said it couldn’t make the system file or something. If you click OK, you can try formatting it, but it gets an error.

So to test if it’s really read only, I created a blank file, then unmounted it, and ejected it, and removed it from card reader, put it back in, mounted it, and the file wasn’t there anymore. Sounds like read only to me. Too bad you don’t get an error when making files or formatting it, at least in Linux.

With the batteries that were in it, if I turned it on without the micro SD card, it would say low battery or something.

SanDick reliable my ass.

Might be a bad idea to record over night, as if it says battery low, and you are sleeping, you probably won’t turn it off.

I think she’s adding a micro SD card to her Walmart order, probably PNY, the cheapest they have.

Would suck if that happened to the internal space.

I don’t want to wait for a micro SD card to come, also I might as well get a cheaper one, if it might die.

I think the max you can record overnight is two days in a row, unless you don’t sleep as long as me. It might have issues determining how much battery life is left, with rechargeable batteries. A bar went down, but at some point it was full bars again. The Xbox controller has the same issue with rechargeable batteries.

Maybe the voice recorder didn’t kill it. Maybe the card crapped out while in use. But losing power could make a micro SD card crap out. Not exactly the voice recorder’s fault though. It could shutdown safely before it loses power though. Except, I think I was supposed to do that, but I was sleeping.

I didn’t lose the recording. There’s not much in it though. I left it in the living room. You can hear me coughing in it at least once.

I don’t think I’m recording overnight anymore, since micro SD cards suck. Or maybe only old used micro SD cards suck, it was in the Raspberry Pi since I got it. It came with the Pi. I replaced it, because it’s slow.

Probably still won’t record overnight.