Nice loud ass fan on CanaKit case

If you remove the fan from the case, it isn't loud. If you put it back on, eventually it'll be loud again. It was super loud earlier.

If I knew the size, I'd just buy a different fan from somebody else. There's no screws, so it might just fit.

To find the fan, you have to search a search engine, their site won't find it. Pretty stupid. Looks like it's 25mmx25mm.

It got loud, sometime after using a can of air, to blow dust out of the case and fan.

I might just order the fan by them, and hope it fixes it. How much is their shipping? Amazon doesn't have it. Don't think a 30mm fan will fit. Perhaps I should order two fans. $13 shipping, no thanks. Looking on eBay now.

I found some on eBay, but can you connect it to the Pi without soldering or anything?

Might have to unplug the fan, too fucking loud.

Might be quiet again. I tapped where the vent or whatever is on the top piece of the case. That's where the fan is, on the other side, on the inside. No idea why that would get rid of the noise though. It gets so loud, I can hear it in the bathroom.