Might try ApisCP

They claim if Apache is configured correctly, it’s fast. I’ve never really manually set Apache up, I’d need a guide to do it manually and right. That’s funny most control panels can’t configure Apache right.

It’s free for 30 days, then $30 a year for ten domains. I won’t pay $20 a month, so only 10 domains it is.

What distros does it support? And can I only have Apache and MariaDB?

It needs 2 GB of RAM, won’t work for me. There’s a customizer, says it’ll work with 1 GB. But you can’t disable the spam filter, so email will be installed, which I don’t need or want.

You can disable mail. Sucks, only CentOS based distros supported.

Can you use DirectAdmin without mail, DNS, FTP? Cause I can get a free license.

Oh and no Passenger with 1 GB of RAM, no Ruby on Rails for me. But I think that was a security nightmare anyways. I don’t know what I’m doing. If I ever want it, I can upgrade my server.

And you might be able to get it for $80 for a lifetime license, with a coupon, but you need an account to see it. That’s 30 domains.

Screw CentOS, HestiaCP it might be. The OS will be switched to Debian. So screw Ubuntu as well.

Hestia looks way better, nice and simple. I’ll give it a go later maybe. It’s already tomorrow.

Nice HestiaCP is a fork of VestaCP. But I might just leave it as is, I like the caching plugin, even though it might be useless. No LiteSpeed Cache plugin for Apache. The other plugins can suck ass.