Maybe that’ll fix the stutter in Wurm Online

Enabling Above 4G or whatever in the bios. Didn’t know my AMD RX 5500 XT or whatever it is, supported resizable BAR. There was something on Reddit, saying it improves performance on Linux. I’m too lazy to ctrl + f the page to find it, I probably went past it, or didn’t scroll enough.

Apparently if you enable the SAM or resizable BAR setting, it’s worse then just enabling Above 4G in Linux. The SAM might be related to Windows.

sudo dmesg | grep "BAR="
[    4.018830] [drm] Detected VRAM RAM=8176M, BAR=8192M

It’s working, according to that.

The setting in my bios says something about crypto mining for the Above 4G setting. I would have enabled sooner, if I knew my GPU supported it.

Wonder if that’s why the GPU seemed better when I first got it, I doubt I enabled Above 4G though. Not sure the driver supported it on my GPU then either.

So perhaps I won’t need a new GPU next month, if I ever test it. In that case, I really don’t need a new GPU. But I got to buy one before World War 3.

All I had to do was enable the Above 4G bios setting. No kernel option or anything needed.