Max Connections PHP

Under Tuning and then PHP, there’s a Max Connections, it was set to 10, which may be too low. I forget what that does. Possibly how many processes it can make.

I tried 50, but didn’t do much. Looks like 100 might have done the trick. Well, except for when I clicked new post on this site. My other site is fast now though, logging in is way faster on it.

That’s good news, I don’t need to switch Linux distros, or restore backups. And I can keep the buggy CyberPanel, with shitty defaults.

Logging in is slightly slower. The real solution would be banning the bots. And it’s as fast as it was again.

That’s good news for me, I don’t want to resetup the server with some other control panel, or no control panel.

That’s how you speed WordPress up if using CyberPanel, increase the max connections for PHP in Tuning.

Now if only posting on this site was fast. At least logging in is fast now.

How much RAM do you need to set that to 1000? Don’t really want to upgrade to the 4 GB plan. So 2 GB is the max I’d pay for. Fucking expensive bots.

Use PHP 8 as well, not 8.1, 8.1 seems to have issues currently, with CyberPanel.

And I was right, it’s how many PHP processes can run, 100 might be too much. And logging into this site this morning was super slow. Didn’t exactly fix it. Lowered it to 20, 100 PHP processes might crash the server.