It’s supposedly a free country

But a woman can’t do as she pleases with her own body, in America. Birth control might be outlawed as well, the republicans just have to control congress.

Don’t worry, you can still have sex when you want, just not how you want. It’s called anal sex. I’d recommend in a bathtub, so you can clean up easier. Or clean Uranus out, don’t ask me how. Get really constipated perhaps?

They might outlaw soap as well, so no more clean anuses. Unless you stock up on soap, they’ll have to come and take your soap away.

You might find out you like it more then vaginal intercourse, there’s a whole world of ass play waiting for you. Be careful, or she might fist you. But you might like that too. Her fist probably won’t though.

At least they won’t take your guns away. How else can they have the civil war they want?

Can somebody get a sex change in a free country? Probably not the “free” country republicans want. It might be harder for them to make money on the medical market. But if those who perform sex change surgeries lobbies, they might change their mind. Depends how much money they give em. They can’t make money on abortions? Or condoms?