Is that a legit PayPal email?

Apparently somebody or something was trying to login to my PayPal account. Says I need to reset my password, as it claims I’m having trouble logging in. Just opened the PayPal app on my phone, no issues.

Funny that they think they’d get very much money from me. You’d think they would try hacking people that actually have money. They probably want more money then I get in a month. Perhaps I should change the password, but not with the link in that email.

Can’t login to the credit union, no text with a code arrives. Neither number works, the magicJack number never worked, it doesn’t get short code messages. So I guess I have to use the call method now. Oh and sending codes by SMS, isn’t secure. Funny the credit union thinks that’s secure.

Funny, PayPal says I changed my password and security questions. No, I only changed my password. Perhaps I should email them, and tell them that.

Finally got logged into the credit union, they had to call me, since they can’t send text messages anymore. Or they can’t send it to either of my numbers. Can’t enable the app two factor option. No idea why not. Perhaps I need to change where my money is. As they make it a pain in the ass to sign in.