If she doesn’t care what I buy anymore

I should buy a new GPU next month, if I don’t spend too much money this month. I’ll probably buy the Steam Deck once I can. But I have money saved for that.

What do I need a new GPU for? I don’t. Just got to buy before World War 3. The Steam Deck will need a 1 TB micro SD card though.

I also need a radio. Doesn’t need to be powered by batteries, if it uses under 200 watts. But battery operated would be better. Problem is, most of the emergency radios on Amazon are junk, even the Red Crossing or whatever ones.

Nice, Tenergy makes one, possibly better then the Red Crossing junk. But it could be junk too. My Power Station from them is fine. Don’t think I can get a higher capacity battery pack, this one is almost too heavy. Yes, I’m a weak man. It can be powered or charged by AAA batteries, and USB. So the Power Station could charge it, and so can a solar panel with USB.

Haha, I had to search for “emp bags” because somebody said to put that radio in one. The bags I found look like anti static bags, for computer parts. I doubt they’d protect from EMP. If you like wasting money, buy some EMP bags.

So if your stuff is turned off when the solar flare happens, it won’t get fried? Will they tell people when it’s going to happen? The government supposedly knows. They probably won’t tell anybody.

Perhaps I should buy a 10 TB or bigger drive, for an offline backup. That way perhaps if a solar flare, or EMP happens, I’ll have a possibly working backup. Maybe a HD dock as well, keep it unplugged. Continue leaving the laptop off most of the time. It can be used to access data on that drive, if everything else gets wiped out.

Damn it, need to start turning my iPad mini off. Or maybe just turn the old one off, and if the new one gets fried, use the old one.