I wonder if switching to CentOS would fix my problems

Maybe CyberPanel doesn’t work very well with Ubuntu. Also, I’d get the ability to limit resources for websites, so I can limit this site’s CPU to 5%.

I could manually do it in Ubuntu, but I’m lazy. No idea why they don’t add support for doing it in Ubuntu. Pretty sure even Arch Linux supports cgroups. And Manjaro. Wouldn’t use Manjaro on a server though, maybe Arch Linux.

That would work, switch to Arch Linux, and put the server in Podman. And limit the Podman to 5% CPU, the OS no longer matters. I can even make a backup of the running OS and restore it, you’ll probably need to modify some stuff to make it work though. Like /etc/fstab, maybe Grub.

How long would making backups take with only 5% of the CPU? It uses almost 100% CPU, most likely when making the archives.

And I mean a CentOS based distro, everybody is mad at the new CentOS.

Apparently CyberPanel doesn’t even work in AlmaLinux.

Sorry Amsterdam spammer, you’ve been banned. Well, the entire IP block that their IP is in.

PHP 8.1 might not be fully supported in CyberPanel yet, so switched to PHP 8.