How can your soul leave the back of your spine if you get blown up?

That’s a good question. Somebody should ask the Earthfiles lady.

So if I get shot, Aliens might put me in a new body? And why do you need to be in the same body for a specific time, if you just reincarnate?

Well, I won’t go to the light then. If I get shot. Or perhaps don’t go to the light at all, it could be a trick. I’ll be trapped here in that case. But better then being tricked.

But if it isn’t a trick, whoever is in control of it, will probably be able to convince me it isn’t. But a trickster could probably convince me it isn’t a trick either. So don’t believe anybody.

Hmm, is that how reincarnation works? Aliens put you in a new body? Doesn’t sound like a baby though. Don’t ask me how they got the body to put you in.

And how am I being haunted if you reincarnate? Why such a delay in reincarnating? Perhaps Aliens don’t tell the truth. Or tell you everything. Or whoever told her that, isn’t telling the truth.

Actually, if the Aliens do that to you, I don’t think you have a choice. It doesn’t sound like you can even see anything. Like the room. Or somehow you can only see the lights. But not outside of the tubes.