Haha, some people think the Lizard Man comes from this planet

The UnXplained thinks the Lizard Man comes from this planet. No, the Reptilians, don’t even come from this dimension or frequency as they call it.

They can’t prove they are part human. The Lizard Man will chase you away, so good luck getting a DNA sample. Now if they are part human, that still doesn’t mean they come from here.

We share DNA with Aliens. Not sure about Reptilians, maybe. Well, we share stuff with reptiles on this planet, so I guess we do.

On another note, you can heal yourself with mediation, it’s mind over body. Some guy got frostbite, and they said it would never be better, it is now. He did his breathing exercise, basically meditation.

So I think I can make my cock bigger with meditation. But I’d make it too big, and it wouldn’t fit in my pants. And I’d get arrested. So I’ll pass. Perhaps I can give myself a pussy instead, and keep my cock. There won’t be any new blog posts though, as I’ll be busy fucking myself. You won’t even have to tell me to go fuck myself. Might lose some weight, as I’ll be too busy to eat, unless it’s eating my own pussy.

1 TB still hasn’t been copied to the backup drive. I think 2.4 TB is in use on the other drive, so it won’t be done till tomorrow. I’ll just leave the new micro SD card in the card reader, and plugged in.

Can I make myself transparent with meditation? So everybody has to see through me? The doctor won’t have to do imaging anymore. I also won’t wear a shirt anymore. How do you like my heart baby?

It’s actually funny, how people only think life exists on this planet. What would be the point in multiple universes, and this massive universe, if only life here exists?